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Small Business


“Given her background in the entertainment business, Laverne is exceptionally proficient in her field, with the uncanny ability to foresee and traverse the inevitable pitfalls and land mines associated with rights clearances and contract negotiations in regard to documentary film making. She is an indelible asset to any production.”


February 3, 2012

Private Individual


“It is a blessing to be working with Laverne Berry: Attentive, supportive, and willing and able to solve the most complicated problems fast. Laverne truly cares about her clients.”


February 1, 2012

Private Individual


“When I received a “Cease and Desist” email accusing me of copyright/trademark infringement re: the name of my blog, I simply panicked. In an endless lawyer directory listing with thousands on I found Laverne Berry. Laverne’s rating details are the best proof that she is an outstanding attorney. Don’t take my word for it. High marks from fellow attorneys and her working clients sold me. You will be in great hands with Laverne.”


May 11, 2011

Small Business


“Laverne understands modern media and has connections that helped me in projects I conceived. As an example, I needed a video cameraman/producer who could videotape and edit for the Internet a public lecture I did. Laverne’s recommendation was excellent. I’ve also used Laverne Berry to go over the diverse media oriented contractual agreements that come my way and she has helped me understand the “small print” and was very sharp at analyzing what I consider the “hidden” clauses.”


June 5, 2009