Legal & Business Affairs

Gannett Co.
Gannett Co., Inc. the parent company of USA TODAY, is a leading media and marketing company with unparalleled local-to-national reach, providing rich content through hundreds of outstanding affiliated digital, mobile and print products. Ms. Berry has represented Gannett in conjunction with original digital media production.

Paladin Invision
Paladin Invision is a multi Emmy Award® winning UK television production company. Paladin has produced programs for the BBC, PBS, C4, A&E and has had its programming shown around the world.

Two Lions Production
Dedicated to producing media projects around today’s issues, Two Lions Productions is involved with documentary films, narrative work and educational databases. The principles of Two Lions also create and run Chillfest: the Jersey City Mostly Gay and Lesbian Film Series of Jersey City.

Consumer Union/Consumer Reports
Consumer reports is the largest most trusted independent testing organization in the world and provides media reports to news organizations throughout the United States.

Porter Street Pictures
Porter Street Pictures is the producer of Brothers On The Line an award winning documentary that explores the rise of the trade unions out the great Depression and the extraordinary journey of the Reuther brothers – Walter, Roy, and Victor.

Black Cat Productions
Sharon Zurek is the owner of Black Cat Productions. She most recently produced and edited, A MIND IN QUICKSAND – LIFE WITH HUNTINGTON’S, an award winning feature documentary that examines what it is like to be diagnosed with a life-changing disease that impacts a person’s cognitive, emotional and physical abilities in the prime of their life.

Alice Elliott and Welcome Change Productions
Alice Elliott is an Academy Award® nominated film producer who creates poignant, intimate documentaries which are distributed around the world.

Joan Brooker-Marks, Midtownfilms
Joan Brooker creates short form and feature length films that explore niches within the American society. Anything from Jewish women and their camaraderie, to misconduct and rape in the military is fair game.

Barry Lewis
Barry Lewis is a familiar face on PBS. An architectural historian, Barry is known for leading television walking tours around the New York metropolitan area and putting the changing face of New York City into a personal context for his viewers.

Sean Kaminsky
Sean has produced and/or directed projects for HBO, Sundance Channel, MTV’s LOGO, PBS, the Documentary Channel and various other.

Loyola Press
Loyola Press is a not-for -profit publishing house that offers 3-Minute Retreats, books, ministry resources, articles, and educational program support.

Laurens Grant
Laurens Grant is a Peabody and three-time Emmy Award- winning documentary filmmaker who has produced and directed films all over the world.

Illumina Films
Illumina Films is a boutique sales company based in Amsterdam. It specializes in human-interest documentaries and represents a collection of documentary films that have been shown widely at international film festivals and by international broadcasters. Ms. Berry has represented and negotiated on behalf of Illumina, distribution deals in the US and Canada.

Gazeta USA
Gazeta USA is a news media production company specializing in TV production between the US and Japan. Ms. Berry works with Gazeta to facilitate production and personal contracts in the United States.

GreenKat Productions
GreenKat Productions is an independent production company that produces media products New York, Austria and Israel. Ms. Berry negotiates production and distribution contracts for GreenKat both in the US and abroad.

Program Development

Providence Productions, Inc./Treasure Film LLC
A new member to the field of exploratory films by and for women, Providence Productions has several transmedia projects in development, including one about the real women who manned the assembly lines and the factories while the men went off to World War II.

Under the Treasure Film LLC company, Ms. Berry is working as an Executive Producer for a new documentary Perfectly Normal For Me, where young boys and girls become dancers even though they are severely physically challenged.

Election Protection, LLC
Working with Election Protection, LLC company, Ms. Berry and her partners produced Capturing The Flag, a documentary that looks into the issue of voter protection in the U.S.

Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation and Arbitration
Ms. Berry has been involved in Alternative Dispute Resolution for 20 years. She is a member of the American Arbitration Association’s Los Angeles, New York and Boston Commercial Panels, as well as the Independent Film and Television Alliance arbitration panel. She has been an arbitrator for more than 100 film, television, theater, and music disputes. As a mediator, she is a member of the American Arbitration Association’s Mediation Panel. She has mediated within the New York State court system and has mediated an equal number of cases in both court and private mediation settings.